GuestHug Launches

22 October 2018

We are proud to announce the public availability of GuestHug, an iPhone and Android app built by M10c. Approached by the GuestHug team with the challenge of a tight delivery schedule, we harnessed React Native to rapidly develop a feature rich cross-platform experience.

Embracing cutting-edge technology, GuestHug is the ideal app aimed at short-term rental guests and hosts. Released simultaneously for iPhone and Android, it revolutionises customer service, providing hosts with a meticulously designed suite of tools for exceptional hospitality.

GuestHug for Guests

Communication is at the core of the GuestHug mission, with inclusive components that build trust and deliver quality experience. Hosts can upload a Virtual Host welcome video for guests to view upon arrival. In addition, hosts can provide a Digital Home guide, a hassle-free means of information about the property and general housekeeping without being inundated with a large number of queries.

What’s more, hosts and guests can benefit from state-of-the-art geolocation technology for automated check-ins, as well as features that integrate deeply with their phone's native APIs, such as push notifications, camera and in-app purchases.

GuestHug hosts have agency and autonomy over their sales platform and the services they provide. Extra services such as mid-stay cleaning, laundry and late check out can be promoted by the host and in this way more revenue can be earned.

GuestHug for Hosts

Not only does the app’s digital agility ensure the smooth running of booking processes, guests can also enjoy personalised recommendations from the host for a more enjoyable trip. With the option to create the ultimate in-app local guide, guests are able to have access to information on everything ranging from the best eateries or shopping outlets to nature reserves, at their fingertips. Accommodating multiple portals such as Airbnb and from which reservations can be imported, GuestHug offers a supercharged experience to suit contemporary travel needs.

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